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How knowing my Human Design changed my perspective and brought me more ease, flow and delight

Three things I discovered about my HD that profoundly changed my life and led to me finding my mission in life

The three things I discovered about my Human Design that changed everything for me

First piece of wisdom - My Type

Discovering I am an Alchemist (Generator) and that I am literally designed to follow my delight gave me permission to put my happiness first over the constant pushing and striving, which has also brought much more calm and ease to my life.

Added to this my Conscious Sun (part of my Incarnation Cross) and Gene Keys Life Work Sphere is 46.3 - The Gift of Delight! I really am designed to follow my delight and share it with you!

Second piece of wisdom - My Profile

Discovering my Profile ⅗ meant the life I led up until then looked like a complete disaster on paper, but has, in fact, been training me to help my clients with the exact same issues and is all perfectly part of my design and there is, in fact, nothing “wrong” with me. Phew!

This is a big factor in the work I do with clients, help them realise there is nothing wrong with them either and help them find a sense of acceptance and compassion for themselves.

Third piece of wisdom - My Open Centres

Discovering I am an emotional empath - I have an open Emotional Solar Plexus so I take in and amplify other people's emotional energy. If I am not aware whether it is my energy or someone else's it can be very detrimental and can again lead to me thinking there is something wrong with me. It can be totally exhausting, overwhelming and cause you to hide away from life to protect yourself. Until you know how to discern what is yours and what is somebody else's.

This is also lead to the major life changing realisation that I am an HSP (I have Gate 19 among other markers in the chart) and so is my son. Realising this has really allowed me to accept myself as I am and stop feeling faulty, less than and not good enough. I have obviously since created my business around helping others know, accept and nurture themselves too.

Discovering I have an open root center and becoming aware that that means I feel under constant time pressure to finish my to-do list and get everything done so that I can be free and relax. That feeling of time running out is the low expression of my design, and now I am aware of it, I can choose to take a breath and know I can relax in the here and now because the to-do list will never be finished anyway!

My relationship with time has changed dramatically as a result of all three factors in my design. Now instead of living under some self-imposed pressured and stressful regime where I felt I never had enough time I am aware that I always have a choice. I can choose the low expression of my centre or I can choose the higher expression and change my story about how much time I have and calm my nervous system in the process. As I've lived through two episodes of burnout in the last few years, this one is a biggie for me.

What is your Human Design telling you?

Do you know your Type, Profile and Centres in your Human Design? Have they had a big impact on your life too? I'd love to hear in the comments!

If you would like to know what your Human Design is you can download your chart here. You just need your date, time and place of birth. If you don't know the time you were born don't worry. Just run your chart with a couple of different times throughout the day you were born and see what changes and what resonates the most.

You will also receive a free Introduction to Quantum Human Design eBook from my mentor Karen Curry Parker, which explains everything you need to get started!

If you need somewhere beautiful to record all this new found information and muse on your discoveries about yourself head over to my Shop and treat yourself to a KNOW YOURSELF CONNECT TO YOUR MAGIC Journal.

Discovering my Human Design in 2021 I have gone from being a Professional Photographer working with brands to a (much more fulfilled) Certified and Accredited EFT Practitioner and Quantum Alignment System Specialist. I now help others with High Sensory Awareness (HSPs) to change the belief that there's something wrong with them, release the negative self-judgement, clear the overwhelm & feel grounded & good enough.



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Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, a neurodivergent HSP, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Human Design Specialist & mum to a 6 year old HSP.


I illuminate ways for you to get to know yourself, clear the overwhelm, release the negative self-judgement & feel calm & confident so that you can follow your delight and do what you came here for!

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