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Meet Katie Spicer

Hey! I'm Katie, Founder of the magic of botanicals. I am a neurodivergent HSP and mum to a 6 year old HSP! I'm an Accredited, Certified EFT Practitioner, & a High Sensory Guide mentored by Willow McIntosh. I'm also qualified in Bach Flower Remedies and Quantum Human Design.


My business "came to me" when I was taking Wild Oat flower essence during maternity leave. I was a professional photographer, but like many of us felt the call to help people in a more impactful and aligned way. I had started taking Wild Oat remedy intuitively. Totally unbeknownst to me at the time, I later discovered it is the remedy to help you find your path in life! This is where the name "the magic of botanicals" came from.

That path has been long and very bumpy at times! Everything changed though when I discovered I was an HSP & really started to understand myself & also my neurodivergent struggles and gifts. A lifetime of feeling easily overwhelmed, like there was something wrong with me that needed fixing and a fair amount of shame and guilt for not being "like everyone else" all finally made sense.


Almost five years on and many episodes of burnout later, I've discovered ways to look after myself and my energy and use my high sensory capabilities to help other sensitive people release what's holding them back from connecting into their own magic, beauty and potential.

As an alchemist I have blended the things that light me up into the mixing pot in order to help my clients - Bach Flower Remedies (where it all began!), essential oils on acupoints, tapping, human design, journaling and photography.

Are you feeling adventurous?

I’d love for you to come on an adventure with me. I love adventures, especially ones with rivers and picnics!


This adventure requires a little more dreaming perhaps. But this is exactly what I dream of and what I believe I’m here to help create.


I’d like to take you to a place where:


  • Right-brained people are honoured and respected as equal to left-brained people. Difference is seen for its gifts and not unfavourably compared.

  • Sensitivity is honoured and deeply respected as a skill we need more than ever to help the current issues on our planet. Why do you think so many of us are coming in at this time?

  • We are emotionally intelligent. Where we know what is our energy and what isn’t (open emotional solar plexus centres). Where we know whereabouts in our emotional wave we are and adjust accordingly (defined emotional solar plexus centres). If you are not sure what yours is download your free human design chart now to find out. 

  • We no longer push, force and burn ourselves out from a place of lack and pressure. Rest is seen as true prosperity and a non-negotiable for a healthy, wealthy life.

  • We understand the vital importance of having a regulated nervous system and how to know which state we are in at any given moment and how to regulate ourselves back to balance as and when needed. So we all have bigger windows of tolerance and the freedom that brings.

  • We live in the energy of trust in abundance and not a lack mentality.

  • Prosperity is about self-care and health and time freedom, living your purpose and having the wold changing impact you desire whether that is big or small. It all counts!

  • We understand our Human Design and how our energy best works for ease, flow & delight.

  • We are continually transforming, seeing our shadows for the younger versions of ourselves who were doing their best with what they had. I want to live in a world where we can accept these shadows and move forward in self-assured trust and excitement for what is still to come.

  • We trust our bodies and our intuition first and foremost and this is “taught” to our children as a higher form of freedom and prosperity and their greatest wisdom.

  • We’re all playing our part in healing Mother Earth and building a more loving and collaborative world.


This is what I deeply desire for not just you and me, but for all of us, especially the next generation. I would absolutely love for my son to grow up in this world and to continue to create that for the next generation.


Would you like to come with me on this adventure to change y(our) world?

Full size image of dark pink old fashioned rose surrounded by leaves


so that you can



As an HSP and/or neurodivergent person, you have a very special gift in your sensitivity. A gift that is meant to play it's part in the natural ecosystem of life.

You have been given these unique gifts so that you can change y(our) world in your own way.

Maybe you don't really trust or truly believe in yourself, maybe you know what you are here for but don't seem to be able to reach your goals and grow your business as much as you would like.



When you have a deep-rooted foundation of knowledge as to who you really are, and how your energy is designed to flow with ease life becomes easier.



When you know how to connect into your inner wisdom and you've rewritten the stories about why you can't do the thing, you build a deep unwavering trust in yourself.



When you create space to nurture yourself and your energy as it is designed to be nurtured you create more ease, flow and delight. You become the creative problem solver you are and then there's no stopping you!

Bring all of these things together and you connect to your magic in a way that means you can get out there and have the impact you desire and are here for, instead of just wishing for it.


When we get to know ourselves on an energetic level and recognise and release what is distracting us from our purpose and draining our energy, we literally regain the energy to follow our delight and change not only our life but the lives of others too.

Katie xx

Nourish what is right with you
start doing what you came here for!

As neurodivergent and sensitive women we have been gifted our very own magic to light up the world in our own way.

There are so many of us who feel the desire to help change the world for the better, and who really need to be doing something fulfilling with our lives.

Unfortunately, as we're in the minority the world isn't set up for us. So a lot of us have grown up feeling like we're not good enough, especially if we didn't know about our neurodiversity or being an HSP.

So these gifts have been buried under a whole load of shame, guilt, frustration and anger to name but a few.

We can also struggle with


feeling overwhelmed,

a lack of confidence,

not trusting ourselves,

exhaustion & burnout


feeling like there's something wrong with us

(or all of the above!)

Our energy and attention are scattered.

They are being diverted in so many different directions. We just don't have the energetic bandwidth or the time to make a difference in our own lives, let alone have a bigger impact on the collective. We're not living the meaningful, impactful life we desire.


We are often stuck in survival mode.



If you can relate to this, and right now you’re shouting “YES that’s me!” then there’s a high chance you are an HSP - Highly Sensitive Person. The term was coined by Dr. Elaine Aron in the 1990s to describe the personality trait of high sensitivity to sensory stimuli. It is now described as having Sensory Processing Sensitivities (not Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder is different).

You may, like me, be a neurodivergent person (NDP) and have some form of diagnosed/undiagnosed neurodiversity (Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD for example), or you may be completely new to these terms but can totally relate to all of the above.

Either way, we are wired differently to a lot of the population. For a reason!


We've been gifted high sensory awareness, although when we are not guided in how to work with our gift it can actually feel like a major struggle.


It is a bit like being given an Aston Martin car but having lessons in how to drive a tractor! Totally different vehicles with totally different purposes and totally different needs.

As NDPs & HSPs, we are not "defective" but we are in the minority (15 -20% of the population), so it is easy to feel like we don't truly "fit in" to the world as it is today.

The good news is things are changing & the more we become aware of our sensitivities and gifts and get to know ourselves & our needs, and start putting them first 

the more ease, flow and delight we have in our life!

As people with high sensory abilities, our nervous systems take in a lot more information than most and we need to give ourselves extra care and time to process everything.


In our state of overwhelm, struggling to cope and shaming ourselves for feeling that way, we often put ourselves at the very bottom of the list and don't give our bodies the extra love they need.

Added to this is the fact that extreme self-criticism actually produces adrenaline and other stress hormones making you less able to cope. 


We can be our own worst enemies.

We then often wonder why life is so hard for us and why we can't just function like everyone else.

Spoiler alert - we're not actually designed to!

We're designed to use our deep thinking, empathy, creativity, love of nature, high sensory awareness and deep desire to have a meaningful impact for the benefit of all.
Our divergence and sensitivities are our superpowers!
We just need to accept and embrace our differences & honour the magic within us.
Image by Alin Andersen

As sensitive people we feel things so deeply. This can mean we have a history of trauma


"any event, perception, or experience that causes us to lose our connection to our sense of value and to our unique gifts we have to give the world."

Karen Curry Parker

Trauma, big or small, and the negative beliefs and emotions that result from it can block and disrupt our body's energy flow.

This disruption causes pain and can be emotional as well as physical.

The level of pain you are feeling is telling you how aligned (or not) you are with the real you.

The YOU you came here to be.

The good news is you can use your pain as a signpost to redirect you back into alignment and start experiencing more ease, flow and delight.

I call it Emotional Alchemy

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