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How to tap - clear the everyday issues

Learn where the tapping points are and how to tap so that you can clear the everyday issues easily

I want to empower you to be able to tap on your own. So that you can tap on the every day issues that come up and just keep reducing your stress levels and calming your nervous system.

Why? Because it is such a life changing technique to have in your tool kit. It is simple and easy to do, you can't really get it wrong and it can have a hugely impactful effect on your life!

I've recorded a video below explaining it if this is the first time you are trying it for yourself, so it goes into a bit more detail.

Once you've got the hang of it you can just come back here and refer to the points on my diagram if you just need a reminder.

Follow me on Instagram if you would like tapping scripts to follow along with! I list each point so you can have the diagram in front of you and get tapping! If not just tap and rant. So work your way around the points and just say how you feel, extra points if you can add in any physical sensations or textures/colours that come to mind when you tune into that issue.

Always tune in to how intense the problem feels to you before you begin. You can give it a number between 0 & 10, with 10 being the most intense emotion or you can just get a visual idea, so a beach ball sized issue compared to a football/tennis ball/golf ball etc. Whatever works best for you.

Begin tapping on the Start Point on the side of the hand and state what your issue is and how you are feeling about and then end with "I accept how I feel". Acceptance of how you are feeling no matter how bad it is, is really key. Repeat this 3x.

Then move to Point 1 on the top of the head. Repeat a reminder phrase for how you are feeling so that you stay tuned in to the issue, which tells your brain which issue to get out of the filing system for clearing.

Work your way around the points and when you have done all 8 points that is one round of tapping.

After a few rounds of tapping tune in again and see if the intensity has gone up, down or stayed the same. Sometimes it can go up and that's ok, that means you are clearing the energy associated with that issue. The important thing is to keep tapping!

Ideally you want to get the intensity down to a zero but remember anything is better than nothing if you are reducing the intensity then it is going to be an improvement in your day! So if you are in a rush just tap for as long as you can.

If you have set aside time for a tapping session and you are working through a bigger issue then keep tuning in after a few rounds and check in with how the intensity feels and if anything has changed physically or if any memories or random thoughts have popped into your head. This is your brain delivering to you, on a plate, the next thing that needs healing that is very likely at the root, or at least one of the layers to do with why you are currently feeling the way you do.

Every time you tap

you are telling your nervous system you are safe

& freeing up more energy to be able to handle life more easily.


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Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, a neurodivergent HSP, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Human Design Specialist & mum to a 6 year old HSP.


I illuminate ways for you to get to know yourself, clear the overwhelm, release the negative self-judgement & feel calm & confident so that you can follow your delight and do what you came here for!

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