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Journal No. 1
Know Yourself, Connect to Your Magic Journal
Know Yourself Journal on the woodland floor with cup of cacao next to it

150 page hardback journal
12 pages of sections for you to fill in your own information
138 pages of dotted grid paper - blank for your notes
Smooth matte hardback cover

A beautiful blank journal for anyone starting out on their journey of discovering their Human Design chart, and their Gene Keys profile.

Keep track of your Human Design chart properties, Gene Keys spheres and lines (as in the Golden Pathway) and basic astrological information in the sections at the front. Have all the information in one place to make life so much easier when you are first learning your profile! It saves you having to keep going back to different places to find all this information. There is also a section for adding in your top five VIA strengths. 

The rest of the journal has blank dotted pages for you to write in your musings. Use it as a companion to your Human Design and Gene Keys discovery journey. Ask your intuition a specific question and journal out the answer, contemplate one of your Gene Keys, write down what you are learning about your specific Human Design profile or just write in any awareness that comes up around connecting to your magic.



This beautiful journal also comes with a nature meditation to connect you even further to nature and your own inner knowing by clearing and protecting your energy. Details to access this are found in your journal. Making this an even more thoughtful gift for nature lovers.

Click the relevant link to buy your copy from your local Amazon.

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Please email me if you would prefer to buy a journal directly from me i.e. with a gift voucher or just because!

NB. Lead time is quicker direct through me as I have stock and don't have to wait for it to be printed.

Journal No. 2
Tapping Journal
Emotional alchemy for the overwhelmed soul

Emotional alchemy for the overwhelmed soul

A journal and guide to help you transform the feelings of overwhelm into ease, flow and delight, using EFT tapping, plant magic and the power of journaling aka connecting into your inner wisdom. A very powerful combination.

150-page hardback journal

A guide on how to tap including a diagram of the points
18 pages detailing my process to clear the overwhelm
132 pages of plain paper - blank for your notes
The magic of botanicals energetically infused photography on cover
Smooth matte hardback cover

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique is an incredibly powerful way of helping you get out of your own way, reduce overwhelm, boost confidence, heal from trauma (big or small) and calm your nervous system.

It's a gentle technique combining ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Tapping on certain energy meridian points on the face and body calms your nervous system, and clears energy blocks.

This journal teaches you my method of clearing overwhelm from your energetic system.

  • What happens to your body when you feel overwhelmed

  • Why neurodiverse people and HSPs feel more easily overwhelmed

  • What is tapping

  • How to tap

  • How tapping works

  • Tapping Points Diagram

  • Tapping FAQs

  • My Tapping for Overwhelm script

  • Space to write your own tapping script that resonates with you

  • Emotional alchemy using Elm Bach Flower Remedy and tapping

Each time you begin journaling, tune in to the botanical magic on the front cover and set the intention to clear the feelings of overwhelm & restore feelings of capability.

Please note: You will also need a bottle of Elm Bach Flower Remedy.

Optional: A 30ml amber glass dropper bottle to store the mixture in for reuse.

Give the gift of stress relief & empowerment

As with my other journal, this would also make a beautiful gift for someone you know who gets easily overwhelmed or who is having a hard time at the moment. Learning how to tap is a skill for life.

Know Yourself, Connect to Your Magic Guide
Cover Ipad Mockup SM.jpg

Downloadable personalised Human Design Guide.

For those of you new to Human Design and wondering what it is all about and for those of you who deeply desire to know yourself and connect to your magic then this Guide is essential reading!

​The Decision Making One £14
  • TYPE

    • discover the best way for you to work, rest and play and improve communication in any relationship

    • includes journaling prompts to help you start the deconditioning process and start uncovering the real you, not the one trying to fit in 

    • learn how to increase your self-trust by living in harmony with the way your energy is designed to flow


    • the way you are designed to make aligned decisions 

    • no more

      • second-guessing yourself endlessly

      • overthinking

      • changing your mind back and forth

      • decision fatigue

      • decision regret


    • your specific way of taking aligned action, the kind of action that gets you the results you want without burnout​ - worth it for this alone!


    • discover how to tell whether you are in alignment and on the right track



    • discover how to tell whether you are out of alignment and on the wrong track

* As it is personalised to your birth details you will need to input your date, time and place of birth to purchase your guide.

If you would like to buy this as a gift for someone please email me and I can send you a Gift Voucher so they can add their own details.


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