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New beginnings with the Spring Equinox & Aries New Moon

Journaling prompts and a tapping script to help you clarify what you want in life & how to clear what's stopping you from getting it

This week is a BIG week energy wise.

It is the Spring Equinox - the beginning of the Astrological new year, and we also have the start of Aries season on the new moon (21st March at 5.23pm GMT). All the energies are here to move us forward on our path. How does it get better than that?

It’s a time of renewal &, rebirth. We’re shaking off the icy, cold of Winter and getting ready to grow. Which seeds would you like to grow? Now is the time to get intentional.

Astrologically speaking, this is a supercharged time to get clear on what you want to create and what you are here to do.

We are being asked to really tune in to what our own mission is. I believe we’ve all got one! I’m here to help you clear what is getting in the way of connecting to that purpose so you can get on with doing what you came here for and changing y(our) world.

I'm not sure what my purpose is?

Here are some journal prompts to help you tune into your purpose. Once you’ve journaled on the prompts scroll down to find a tapping script to help you clear the limiting beliefs stopping you from going for it.

  • What is asking to be created through you?

  • What one thing are you really passionate about?

    • What do you believe needs changing about the way we currently do things?

    • What do people really need to know about/believe?

    • Who/what needs your/our help the most? Animals, the land, marginalised people?

  • Describe a future that you dream about for

    • All of us/this group of people/animals/the land

    • For yourself

  • What is your main struggle/hardship in life? Where is the gift in that? Can you help anyone else with a similar situation?

Getting back into alignment

If you’re not living in alignment with your purpose things might feel particularly hard for you at the moment. These are all signposts redirecting you back into alignment.

What isn’t working?

  • Where do I not feel fulfilled in my life?

  • Where am I experiencing anger and frustration?

  • What is draining my energy?

  • What is distracting me from focusing on what I want to do?

  • In which areas of my life do I not feel ______ enough?

  • Which energies/emotions need to be alchemised (transformed from negative to positive)?

  • What am I ready to learn my lessons in and move on from now?

Remember this is the time to set intentions for the astrological new year, until March 2024, not just for the next moon cycle. So think BIG!

Get clarity on what you do want

Journal on what resonates for you and leave the rest.

  • What makes me feel good?

  • How can I follow my delight more?

  • What helps me feel grounded?

  • How do I desire to feel?

  • What do I want people to know this year?

  • What are my highest values?

  • What do I love?

  • How do I feel the frequency of love? How can I bring more of that into my everyday?

  • What are my passions? What motivates me? Where do I feel inspired to take action?

  • What do I want to expand on this year? Where can I direct my energy so that what I focus on grows?

  • Who makes me feel expanded, opens my mind and inspires me?

  • What makes me feel abundant?

  • What do I want to be more disciplined about this year?

  • Where do I need to hold back? Where do I need to restrain myself and not dig up the soil looking for the seed I planted before it has had time to grow?

  • Which commitments am I ready to let go of?

  • Where do I feel like I don’t fit in? What are the benefits of this?

  • Which areas of my life/home/mind could do with a Spring refresh?

  • Where do I feel like I’m going against the grain and desiring to live in a different paradigm? Where can I find more people who feel the same as me? What can we do together to create this change? However small!

  • Which of my dreams do I feel ready to go for at this point in my life?

Use these prompts as starting points to tune into your inner wisdom and come up with a seed sowing plan for your garden this year! What are you going to choose to grow? Where are you reclaiming your energy back? How do you desire to feel?

Aries is the sign of the ram, so use this energy wisely as the fire in your belly to motivate you into making this happen!

Aries energy will also help you courageously face your fears and carry on confidently. Now is the perfect time to release the layers of self-doubt and reasons why you feel you can’t do what you came here for.

So once you’ve mused on the prompts in your journal what I would like you to do is go through and now list out anything, big or small, that you feel is going to get in your way of each of those things you desire to call in or release. Write down all the reasons why it might not happen. Then tap on it and release the stuck, stagnant energy and see what magic happens!

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • I don’t have enough _______ (time/money/help)

  • I don’t know ______ (anyone who…/where to start/enough)

  • I can’t figure out _____ (the details/next steps)

  • I don’t feel _____(experienced/qualified/old/young/thin/good) enough

  • I’m afraid of _______

  • I won’t know what to do if ______ this happens

  • I can’t do _____

  • I need to _____

  • It’s not the right time

  • I’m frustrated about _____

  • I wish I could change _____ about _____

Tap on each thing one by one. You don’t have to do it all in one go. The next few days the energies are really in your favour so the more you can do the better.

Here is an example of tapping on an exciting new business idea and what is coming up as the reasons why you can’t.

Start off by tapping on the side of the hand and acknowledging what the issue is and accepting that you feel that way. This is a really key step in reversing any self-sabotage that is going on unconsciously.

So tapping the side of the hand say “Even though I feel like I could really make a difference in people’s lives with my new idea & I’m too scared to get started, I accept how I feel right now. Repeat this 2 more times still tapping on the side of the hand.

Now tapping on each point in turn say how you feel as you follow the points around. It can be like you’re talking out loud to someone else or just what you would say to yourself.

Top of the head: This idea is really exciting and truly terrifying at the same time

Eyebrow point: I don’t feel good enough

Side of the eye: I’m afraid of what people will think

Under the eye: It feels like a lead weight in my stomach when I think about it

Under the nose: All this fear

Chin crease: all these feelings of not being good enough

Collar bone: all this fear of what people will think

Under the arm: they’ll think I’m not good enough

Top of the head: It’s just a crazy dream

Eyebrow point: I don’t think it’s the right time, I don’t have the guts

Side of the eye: I don’t know how on earth I would cope

Under the eye: I can’t stop thinking about it though

Under the nose: I get cross with myself for caring about what people think

Chin crease: I know I can help people, I know this would make a massive difference in their lives

Collar bone: If only I could get out of my own way

Under the arm: If only I could stop being so negative all the time

Top of the head: What am I actually frightened of people thinking about me?

Eyebrow point: Would I even know what they were thinking anyway?

Side of the eye: Even if I did, perhaps I could tap on it and clear away any feelings it brought up so that I could actually do this

Under the eye: There are always going to be people who don’t get me and think I’m weird

Under the nose: The sooner I can make peace with that the sooner I can be brave and start helping the people I came here to help

Chin crease: I wonder if there is a way I can take one small step towards my idea

Collar bone: I wonder if I could stay open to the possibility of this becoming reality in an easy, fun way

Under the arm: I wonder what is possible now that I have released some of the energy of fear

Take a deep breath and just sit with it for a while. See what comes up. Stop and journal on it if you’d like to. Maybe some ideas on how to move forward, maybe some more things to tap and clear, in which case just add them into another round of tapping. Keep tapping until you feel peace around the situation.

Then when you have finished tap on the side of the hand and say “Even though I’ve been too scared to get started with my idea I know I’ve been given everything I need and I can handle this. I’m going to take the first step and see what happens.”

Tapping is such an easy and powerful way of clearing the forms of self-sabotage we use to stop ourselves from living our greatness.

You can use the above script as an example to put your own feelings into or if you would prefer more help you can book a 1-1 tapping session with me and we can supercharge it together!

Book a free 15 min chat with me to get to know me first and ask me any questions or just go ahead and book your session here.


Katie Spicer

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Hi! I'm Katie, a neurodivergent HSP, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Human Design Specialist & mum to a 5 year old HSP.


I illuminate ways for you to get to know yourself, clear the overwhelm, release the negative self-judgement & feel calm & confident so that you can follow your delight and do what you came here for!

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