Journaling with
the magic of botanicals

Journal Cover Screenshot.png

I'm so excited you've chosen a magic of botanicals journal to connect to your inner wisdom!

My mission is to invite you to connect to your inner wisdom through the beauty and magic of nature.

When you really start to know yourself that is when you can connect to your own magic.

Two gifts for you!

To help you get started on your adventure to know yourself and connect to your magic I have created a guide. Just click on the image to access the download page.

Know yourself connect to your magic journaling guide screenshot.jpg


Why not create your own ritual before you sit down to journal. To really invite that connection to open up. You could:

  • Drink a cup of cacao and set an intention for your journaling time. I adore KAKAO for it's heart led founder & changemaker Makenzie Marzluff!

  • Apply one drop of Bergamot oil (25% dilution) to the Ear Shenmen Acupoint and hold for 1-3 minutes to reset your brain and invite total presence and attention to the moment

  • Tune into the energy of the flower on the front cover of your journal.

You could choose to do all 4 or you could choose to do a different one each time or make up your own rituals!

Happy journaling!

Please do share images of your journal!