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Ease, Flow & Delight!

Emotional alchemy for souls who desire to change the(ir) world

With Katie Spicer

There are so many of us who feel the desire to help change the world for the better.


We've all been gifted our very own magic to share with the world. The problem is we are too overwhelmed with life.

Our energy and attention is scattered

It is being diverted in so many different directions.


We just don't have the energetic bandwidth or the time to make a difference in our own lives, let alone having a bigger impact on the collective.

We know that we are capable of so much more but it kind of feels like we are somehow standing in our own way.

This struggle also comes from us not knowing ourselves and our energy on a deep level.

"With free flow there is no pain"

without free flow there is pain"

Ancient Chinese Proverb

When we are living out of sync with our highest potential, we experience pain.

Pain can be emotional as well as physical and it causes a disruption to our body's energy flow.

The level of pain you're feeling is telling you how aligned (or not) you are to the real you.

The YOU you came here to be.

The good news is you can use your pain as a signpost to redirect you back into alignment and start experiencing more ease, flow and delight.

I call it Emotional Alchemy.



Transmuting negative and stuck emotions into free flowing creative energy

My Emotional Alchemy sessions combine EFT (tapping), essential oils on AcuPoints, journaling and flower essences to help you release the emotions and beliefs that are draining your energy.

We will work together to find and release the causes of pain that are taking you off course, in the process freeing up creative energy.


You'll be less overwhelmed and more resilient to stress.

You will feel calm and centred more often.

You'll release the self-doubt and feel way more confident in yourself.


You'll be able to connect in to your own inner wisdom.



When you intentionally get to know yourself and your energy you can start to make new choices that bring you closer to who you REALLY are and increase your vitality, wellbeing and happiness levels!

You connect to your own magic, and without the overwhelm and energy diversions you free up your creativity and confidence to share that magic and literally change y(our) world.


Know yourself Connect to your magic

I believe that when people become emotionally, spiritually and physically free from the things that are depleting and scattering their energy, they can reconnect to their inner wisdom & transform the(ir) world.

White botanical fern Canva copy.png

Dial your happy up 


getting to know yourself



discovering and clearing your energy disruptions

so that

you can connect to your magic


if we all found and shared our gifts we would transform our world!

Meet Katie Spicer

Hey! I'm Katie, Founder of The Magic of Botanicals. A Quantum Alignment Specialist, and EFT Practitioner with a BSc (hons) Plant Sciences, Bach Flower Remedies Level 2 & training in AromaPoint Therapies.

I am also an HSP/empath, neurodiverse and mother to a 4 year old little boy.


My business "came to me" when I was taking Wild Oat flower essence during maternity leave. I was a professional photographer, but like many of us felt the call to help people in a more aligned way. I had started taking Wild Oat remedy intuitively. Totally unbeknownst to me at the time, I later discovered it is the remedy to help you find your path in life!


I listened to the call and went off to do my Bach Flower Remedies training at the Bach Centre down the road from me, and that is where the name for my business came from! The magic of botanicals right there in action!

I've followed the energy ever since and am now trained as an accredited and certified EFT practitioner (tapping) and a Quantum Alignment Specialist.