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Are you an HSP &/or neurodivergent woman who desires to change y(our) world & wants

more self-trust & belief
a less stressful life
& the energy to make a difference

know, accept, nurture yourself

so that you can connect to your magic and achieve your dreams!

With Katie Spicer
EFT Practitioner & Neurodivergent HSP

Katie Spicer sitting in a lavender field, smiling at the camera

I'm Katie!

I believe as neurodivergent and sensitive women we have been given a unique blend of gifts to create positive change in our own magical way.

I have personal experience that shows me that when we know, accept and nurture ourselves we can connect to our potential.

As an ND HSP myself, I understand the struggle with self-trust, belief and managing stress & energy levels.

That's why I am here! I have the tools and I am offering guidance with a smile to help you have

  • more self-trust & belief 

  • a less stressful life

  • the energy to make a meaningful difference


so that you can create the transformative impact you desire in the world.

"Many highly sensitive people experience overstimulation, fear of failure or have low self-esteem. As a result, their talents fail to reach their full potential."

Esther Bergsma

The Brain of the Highly Sensitive Person






When we really get to know ourselves, we start to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be us, the good, the bad and the magical!

This knowing in itself brings about self-acceptance. We finally realise there is nothing wrong with us. We don't need fixing.

We actually just need to know how to look after ourselves in an energy-friendly way. How to nurture ourselves so that we aren't overwhelmed and stressed out so that we free up all that negative energy and alchemise it into creative energy.

It is from this place of grounded self-acceptance and nurture that we can truly connect to our magic.

That is what we are here for. 

That is why we have been given this high sensory intelligence.

That is why we have been given our own unique way of helping improve the world.


- Understand how your energy is designed to interact with the world

- Discover your path of least resistance


- Stop trying to live like someone you're not

- Rewire limiting beliefs like "I'm not.... enough"

- Reduce triggers from negative experiences


- Learn how to reduce your stress levels

- Discover how to calm the overwhelm

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Certified Badge Quantum Alignment System Level 2 Certified
Certified Badge Quantum Human Design Level 2
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