Dial your happy up!

Invite the wisdom of plants to alchemise your negative energy & help you discover your own blueprint to happiness.

With Katie Spicer

Would you like to feel happier more often? 

What would be possible for you if you.... 


were sleeping better,

had more energy,

weren't feeling so stressed,

could balance your emotions more easily,

what could you do if you...

felt your immune & digestive systems were supported in a natural way

and had natural solutions to help ease pain?

How much energy would that free up in your life?

If you realigned all this extra energy with what matters to you how much happier would your life be?

mother nature can help


& I'd love to show you how



the magic of botanicals

in a bottle help to...

pure plant oils are ...



One bottle has so many uses.

Save money as well as space on your shelves!



Pure & potent and completely natural. No synthetic health damaging nasties.


You'll always have an oil at your fingertips for your family's emotional, mental or physical health concerns.


dōTERRA plant oils are...


I believe that when people become emotionally, spiritually and physically free from the things that are depleting their energy, they can realign this energy to what really matters to them & transform their lives. 

White botanical fern Canva copy.png

Let me help you dial your happy up and start creating a more meaningful, fulfilling life


inspiring you to nurture a deeper connection to nature 


sharing the infinite intelligence of plants through using pure essential oils

so that

you restore your energy from what is depleting it


realign that energy to doing more of what you love


happiness spreads and has the power to change the world, starting with you!​​​

“Much of the modern illness we face is a

reflection of life out of balance -

with nature, with daily rhythms, with ourselves.

​To restore balance and return to nature is to

return to ourselves, and this is the beginning

of our healing."


Meet Katie Spicer

Founder of The Magic of Botanicals, a plant scientist, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, photographer and mama to a three year old. I've always had a passion for how people use plants to heal themselves. Ever since I can remember I've been enchanted by the magic of botanicals!

Being able to combine my fascination with medicinal plants and my desire to help people transform their lives is what I am here to do. I know this because everything has lead me here and my soul is finally feeling heard, not ignored.

By helping womxn to dial their happy up using the sacred power of essential oils & connecting to nature they are becoming free of what’s depleting their energy. That is when they can hear their soul's whisperings and start to realign their newfound energy to what brings them deep joy, fulfils their soul and gives them a purpose.

believe in a world where happiness prevails and everyone is free to live the life they choose, the life their soul is calling them to. A world where we live synergistically with nature, as we are evolved to do. That is why I have partnered with such an inspirational, heart-led, philanthropic, sustainable and ethical company to bring you the purest and most efficacious oils money can buy. doTERRA means "gifts of the earth", which they really are. I believe it is our responsibility to look after the earth and the people tending it to bring us these gifts. doTERRA look after everyone involved in creating these oils as if they were family. Because of all these factors these oils have an incredibly high vibration, which means they will have a very uplifting effect on yours! How does it get better than that?

The magic of botanicals is my way of giving back, whilst looking after my little corner of the universe and the lovely people in it! I can't wait to get to know you and help you start making quick and easy changes to your lifestyle that will help you dial your happy up and restore your energy. 

If you would like to know what on earth is so special about these potent bottles of magic then...

the magic of botanicals