Emotional alchemy for souls who desire to change the(ir) world

Know yourself
Connect to your magic

With Katie Spicer

Reconnect to your inner wisdom & discover your own blueprint for happiness & meaning


Restore and connect to your energy flows & you reconnect to a deep wisdom within yourself that knows what is right for you.

An inner power that guides you to what is right for your body, your mind, your health and your life path, or life adventure as I prefer to call it!

It is like having access to a superpower but totally personalised to you.

But it can be hard to hear our innate intelligence...

because our minds are distracted,

our energy is drained and diverted,

we're conditioned to look outside ourselves for answers,

we are too busy to listen to it.

I have committed to rediscovering this connection to my own power 
sharing my experience to help you discover yours.
Join me on my adventure and...

discover how to

Meet Katie Spicer

Founder of The Magic of Botanicals, with a BSc (hons) Plant Sciences & Bach Flower Remedies Level 2. I was a professional photographer (until I started this experiment!), Alchemist (Generator) 3/5 in Human Design and my Gene Keys Life's Work is Delight and Ecstasy, hence I am all about dialling your happy up!

As a Generator I'm learning to follow my delight and avoid things that drain my energy, knowing that by doing this I light the world up with my energy. As a 3/5 my life lesson is to follow the energy, try all the things, figure out what does and doesn't work and share this wisdom. I am living the experiment to see where the adventure takes me and reporting back to you!


desire to live in a world where everyone is deeply reconnected to their inner wisdom, nature and each other. 


A world where people's happiness dial is turned right up, because they are enlightened to their magic, they are sharing those gifts only they have and working synergistically for a higher altruistic purpose.

I feel like my purpose on the earth right now is to help play my part in this awakening. To follow my delight, connect to my magic and share my gifts in a way that helps to create this new world! In a way that helps you reconnect to your power, so that you can get out there and create the change you would like to see (are meant to create!) in the world!

By fusing my passions together and following the energy...

I curate ideas and experiences that will help you restore your energy flows, deepen your connection to Mother Nature and reconnect to your inner wisdom.
So that you can find your own blend of magic & dial your happy up!


I believe that when people become emotionally, spiritually and physically free from the things that are depleting and scattering their energy, they can reconnect to their inner wisdom & transform the(ir) world.

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Dial your happy up 


discovering how to restore and connect to your energy and

reconnect to nature

so that

you can nurture a deeper connection to yourself


discover your magic


finding and sharing your gifts has the potential to transform our world!

“Much of the modern illness we face is a

reflection of life out of balance -

with nature, with daily rhythms, with ourselves.

​To restore balance and return to nature is to

return to ourselves, and this is the beginning

of our healing."