Dial your happy up


Hey, I'm Katie

This is me in my happy place! Outside in nature, where I feel most connected to my inner knowing and the earth's wisdom.

I actually wrote some of this masterclass on the side of this hill, overlooking this beautiful view!

My creative energy flows a lot easier, in fact my life flows a lot easier when all my energy & attention is not being diverted by negative drains.


If you are anything like I was a few years ago...

You know you want more from life.

But you don't have the energy to do anything about it.

Because you're suffering from various health and emotional issues (which are actually interlinked).

You're just so exhausted and feel really depleted.

You're not sure what to do next.

You're really hard on yourself for being "stuck" in this negative place and you are so sick of feeling sick and tired.

You're always stuck in your head overthinking everything.

You love nature and being outside but you rarely make time for it because you are constantly pushing and striving to change things and not really making the progress you would like.

This was me in 2019 when I hit rock bottom.


Using plant magic in the form of pure essential oils slowly but surely turned everything around for me. I discovered I was actually out of alignment with my Inner Radiance and this was my body's way of letting me know.

So I've created my Dial Your Happy Up Masterclass to...

Share the intelligence of nature in helping you to clear your energy drains & connect you back in to your own inner knowing.


This is where you hold all the answers you seek.

Botanical Magic

Use pure essential oils daily and like blossom slowly unfolding its petals, you'll find yourself in a happier, healthier & more fulfilled place

The Magic of Botanicals-4951.jpg


Imagine you are living your most radiant life. Your energy is flowing freely, nothing is depleting it or blocking it.


You are connected so deeply to your own inner wisdom because there is nothing diverting your attention away from hearing it.


It’s like you have your own coach on speed dial helping you know exactly what to do at any given moment.


Your inner compass is always guiding you to do more of what makes you happy, and what lights you up with pure bliss. 


Your Inner Radiance!


When you share your Inner Radiance you start to illuminate the world. Happiness spreads!


Doing what you love and are brilliant at is playing your integral part in Mother Nature’s perfect ecosystem of life. She knows what works for us all is enhancing our happiness and helping others do the same.


Working together for the collective.

We are entering a new paradigm, one where more and more people are awakening to this truth. We work better together, when we are helping each other, for a higher purpose than just our own gain.

The Magic of Botanicals-1833 - Rose Crop

That is how nature works. 


If more people followed their truth and shone their inner radiance to help others we would be living in a much happier and more symbiotic world!

Bluebells Portrait-270A0052.jpg

This Masterclass will help you discover

  • the two profound ways the magic of botanicals can help you create your own blueprint to happiness

  • oils to help with each of the energy drainers listed above

  • which oil can help support your menstrual cycle, your emotions, as well as smoothing your skin.

  • how the incredible science of plants & our bodies work together in perfect synergy

  • why the happiness of the plant has an (enormous) effect on your happiness 

  • how to create your own home apothecary & not only dial your own happiness up but that of your family too 


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I'm so excited to share my passion for botanical magic & the incredible wisdom of the plant kingdom with you!
Magic Tree Winter Katie Spicer Photograp


Which essential oils connect you to the roots of the earth and get you out of your overthinking mind. The picture is a clue!

Which oil I use to help let go of what no longer serves me.

I'm dyslexic and Coeliac so I also share which oils I couldn't live without to help support focus my mind and digestive system!