It is my passion

to inspire you to create and nurture a deep connection to the infinite intelligence of plants, so that you can restore balance to the wellbeing of both you and the planet

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Hey I'm


I'm a wife, mama to a three year old and I work part time running two businesses. This one and a Brand Photography business - Katie Spicer Photography. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, to be off balance.

Just after my son turned one I completely lost all sense of balance. I was severely sleep deprived, he hadn't once slept through the night and I was going back to work from maternity leave, mentally & physically exhausted. I struggled to find my way with balancing motherhood and running a business part time on an average 5 hours of very broken sleep a night.

I visited the doctor with tales of my anxieties, very limited patience, weight gain and my total and utter confidence crisis. The doctor was very kind and told me I had 'burnout". Every single one of my symptoms could be tied back to sleep deprivation. It was a relief to know the reason why I was feeling the way I was, but now what? The doc suggested getting more help.




















I am a great believer in taking the lesson in everything.

In this total razing myself to the ground I found a solution. A gentle, and oh so perfect for a breastfeeding mama, solution. I started using my essential oils again. I had used them in pregnancy and labour but then life had got busy with a baby and I had forgotten all about them.

More divine timing around the same time, as I was questioning everything about my life and where my place was in the world now. Nothing like becoming a mama to shake your life up hey! I looked to nature and in particularly my beloved plants to help.

Suddenly I had so many downloads as to what I should be doing with my life. The ideas were coming thick and fast and for the first time in ages I felt hope and excitement again. I was to combine all my passions in life into a business to help others not go through what I had just been through. A business that would help me create my vision for the world.

A world where happiness & fulfillment prevails


our connection and protection of Mother Nature is restored

I never want anyone to feel as hopeless and stuck in a negative loop as I did back then​, not when there are really powerful and natural ways to help ourselves. Everyone deserves to live the life they would if all obstacles were removed, a life with the freedom to choose how they spend their energy and their time.


My story is driven by a deep-rooted desire to raise awareness that you don't have to reach rock bottom to seek help. I have learnt this the hard way and now I am making it my mission to prevent others having to go through the same. I've since shared oils with everyone I know, as once you know how they can help, you just can't keep quiet when somebody is suffering.








My mission is to inspire you to embrace the power of nature through essential oils, so that you dial your happy up and connect to the infinite possibilities of creating a life that makes you deeply happy.

The world needs you to connect to your truth and do more of what makes you happy! 


I truly believe it will not only help you live longer, and attract more goodness into your life but it will transform the world! By doing the inner work to dial your happy up you are not only raising your vibration but that of the planet.​ You are showing the way for the next generation. It is our joint responsibility to do more of what makes us feel happier.

When people become emotionally, spiritually and physically free from the things that are depleting their energy in mind and body, they can realign this energy to what really matters to them.

Happiness spreads!

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I believe in a world where we are reawakened to the innate knowledge our bodies have of being healed by nature

I believe by learning to work with the oils we can access that healing without hitting rock bottom first

I believe in a world where we do what we love, dial our happy up and reap all the amazing benefits

I believe by looking after our own happiness and connection with nature we will transform the world

I believe the key is connection. Connection to ourselves, to nature and to a higher purpose.

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As a Plant Scientist BSC Hons, who studied Horticulture instead of the traditional A-levels, I am deeply drawn to energising others to seek out the same connections in nature that fill my soul and in doing so, make people care even more deeply about doing all they can to protect it.

Leading from the heart

It also makes total sense to me to partner with a heart led company like doTERRA, who put people before profits and (ethically and sustainably) source the best quality plants where they can help the most amount of people. Our values and principles totally align and I am so excited to share more about their amazing work in the world with you, as well as their incredible unrivalled pure essential oils (with soul!).

My ambitions for business growth and profit are based on improving the lives of others, supporting their mind, body and soul and helping them free themselves from whatever is depleting their energies. My business also enables me to fulfil my role as custodian to the planet, committed to doing whatever I can to protect the beauty and power of nature.

Interestingly my first name (Felicity; although I always go by Katie) means intense happiness and I am Libran (the sign of the scales) and was born on the Autumn equinox, so I am all about happiness & balance! It's like it was written in the stars...

Love Katie xx

Restore & realign your energy to what matters

I am immensely passionate about sharing this ancient plant wisdom with you and guiding you to discover the right oils for your needs, whether that is emotional, physical or spiritual.


Together we will dial your happy up and free you from what is depleting your energy using the intelligence of plants and Mother Nature so you can create a more deeply fulfilling, meaningful life!

The answer to everything you need can be found in nature.

Let me show you how to find it.

Welcome to
the magic of botanicals