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I invite
you to

get to know yourself so that you can connect to your magic & transform your life!

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Hey I'm


I invite you to really get to know yourself and connect to your magic, by discovering how to restore and connect to your energy flows, reconnect to nature and create and nurture a relationship with your intuition. 

I have been on this same path since I hit rock bottom in 2019. Scroll down to read all about my higgledy piggledy path to where I am now!

We are part of nature.


It is not a separate entity to us. Everything in nature works in synergy, including us. I am convinced we have all been gifted our own version of magic, and when we share this with the world, it plays its part in the survival of the greater ecosystem. When we dial our happy up, raise the frequency of the planet, reconnect to nature and work together, our world will truly thrive.


By feeling happier and having a purpose, it will also help you live longer, and attract more goodness into your life, as well as those around you.

I am doing exactly that for myself and sharing what I am doing and learning with you, in the hope it inspires you to follow your delight too!

Me taking photos - lavender-IMG_7658.jpg
I believe...

in a world where we are reawakened to the innate power we each have inside of us


in a world where we

intimately know ourselves and can easily connect to our magic

by sharing our gifts in a way that helps others we will heal on so many levels

by looking after our own happiness and connection with nature we will transform the world

the key is connection. Connection to ourselves, to nature and to a higher purpose.

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My journey so far....


  • Go travelling around Southeast Asia - feel totally lit up and inspired!

  • Come home totally disillusioned with my work life path

  • Start following my delight and teaching myself photography and how to run your own business



  • Leave my job in media after 11 years to set up my own business as a Brand Photographer, yay freedom!

  • Start using essential oils & Bach Flower Remedies for my wellbeing



  • Leave London after 15 years and move to a town in the Oxfordshire countryside

  • Give birth to a bouncing baby boy ahhhh!

  • Start learning how to adjust to motherhood...

  • Feel totally disillusioned with my work life path, again

  • Keep taking the Bach Flower Remedy that suddenly appears in front of me (they all got muddled in the move)


  • Go back to my brand photography business after maternity leave

  • Feel like a total failure in life

  • Question my purpose and life path, a lot!

  • Hit rock bottom

  • Get a hit of intuition over breakfast one morning after taking my Bach Flower Remedy, have a huge AHA moment with work life path - Share plant medicine with the world!

  • Discover that random Bach Flower Remedy I was taking (that suddenly appeared) was Wild Oat - the remedy for finding your direction in life WOAH!!!!! Ask and it is given!

  • Follow the energy and start training in Bach Flower Remedies and reach Level 2 


  • Set up another business alongside my photography business, you guessed it, the magic of botanicals!

  • Start sharing the benefit of the remedies and essential oils for mums.

  • Realise that the mum part of the puzzle is not really my calling

  • Go back to the drawing board...

  • Question everything a lot, again


  • Discover the Gene Keys

  • Totally crack open my world by learning my genetic profile and then

  • discovering my Human Design (Generator 3/5)

  • Wow. So much becomes clear by getting to know myself deeply and discovering my magic

  • Figure out that 3/5's are designed to experiment with life a lot & that outwardly this may look like their life is a chaotic mess - oh phew! Breath a massive sigh of relief!!

  • Start The Golden Path in Gene Keys and discover my Life's Work is Delight and Ecstasy! I'll take that :-)

  • Sit in ceremony with sacred cacao at the start of every work day

  • Feel the call to deepen my connection to Mother Nature even more - so many ideas flow through

  • Immerse myself in the magic of essential oils and energy healing

  • Clear tonnes of layers of crap

  • Start connecting in to my intuition even more as a result

  • Connect the dots of all my passions & strengths - photography, nature, energy healing, transformation & happiness

  • Keep following the energy and ideas!

  • Create my first journal and nature meditation to help you connect to your own magic

  • Decide to be totally transparent and invite you along for the ride as I continue on my adventure as a 3/5 Generator of following the energy, trying out ideas and doing what lights me up, all whilst sharing my new found wisdom with you!

Love Katie xx

Know yourself
Connect to your magic

That is the essence of my purpose I am sure.

To share how clearing the distractions, noise & energy diversions so that you can truly hear your inner wisdom is a really powerful way of dialing your happy up.

To share how connecting to your magic and sharing those gifts will dial the happy up of the collective too.

Doing all this by infusing all my passions into my creations and lighting you up!

Welcome to
the magic of botanicals
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