What does coming back to balance mean?

Coming back to balance is about coming back to your natural self in any moment in time. The you without all the stresses and strains of everyday life taking up valuable space in your mind.

What does being off balance mean to you? It will be different for all of us but when I talk about being out of balance I mean the things that temporarily (however long that “temporary” state goes on for) knock us off our everyday happy state. Things that deviate you from your true state of health and happiness. That could be something immediate, in this moment or a deeper underlying cause.

Coming back to balance is about coming back to your natural self, the one without all the stresses and strains of everyday life taking up valuable space in your mind. Those stresses and strains may still be there but you are in a place of emotional and physical contentment despite life's issues. A place of feeling like you can totally handle it, a lighter, happier version of you.

Let’s be honest about the range of negative emotions we go through as women, in particular mamas, over the course of a week, sometimes even in an hour!

When we are off balance we can feel overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, anxious, resentful, bored (hello the 50th time you’ve watched this episode of Hey Duggee!), guilty, short-fused, hopeless, fearful, sad, uncompassionate, totally weighed down by it all, not to mention the shame, blame and judgement we lay on ourselves.

These feelings can be fleeting and just pop up here and there in the moment or they can be totally consuming and take over your mind morning, noon and night. Either way think how different your life would be if you could use this level of mental energy as a force of good instead of getting sucked into the negativity spiral.

How would your relationships with your husband, children and yourself be different if instead of feeling #allthenegativeemotions you could feel like an upgraded version of the old you?

Would you like to feel more tolerant and understanding, more confident and capable, more focused and determined, more stable and grounded, more motivated and energised, more relaxed and restored, more present and connected, more hopeful and uplifted, more empowered and fearless, more accepting of yourself and others, more patient, more like you?

Well you’re here, in the right place, and you’re in safe hands! I am going to be showing you how the magic of botanicals can help bring you back to this feeling of balance, whatever that looks like for you in this moment.

I want you to feel empowered that you have the know-how to brighten your changing moods, let go of your burdens and feel encouraged and inspired again using pure plant power. To not only come back to the real you but to become an even better version of yourself and to be able to help your family in the same way.

Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, seeker of beauty and wisdom, nature lover, Generator, dōTERRA wellness advocate and mama to a three year old. 


I believe in the beauty and magic of botanicals in helping us connect to our own wisdom & create our own blueprint to happiness!

The answer to everything you need can be found in nature.

Let me show you how to find it.

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