Know yourself. Connect to your magic.

The power of journaling to discover your unique purpose.

I want to let you into something pretty epic. Journaling to find out more about myself has helped me figure out who I am and what I am here for.

I’ve discovered that I am on this beautiful planet to follow my delight! To bring my joie de vivre to the everyday. To try all the things, “fail” at most of them, take the lesson and use this wisdom to help improve the lives of others.

I am a free spirit and I experience more ease and happiness when I am free to play in the flow of life, unrestricted. Oh yes, freedom, one of my highest values.

My biggest challenge is to learn to trust myself and life - this is also a key to unlocking my full potential.

Another key is to learn to express myself and truly be myself without fear or shame.

The most powerful energy in my chart is serendipity! Described as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident 1” and “allowing for chance finds and accepting that what is found is not necessarily what was being looked for 2.”

How have I discovered this about myself? Now I look back, it has actually been through serendipity! Through connecting with someone over something else entirely and then being introduced to Gene Keys, Human Design and Lacey Phillips’ To Be Magnetic - The Pathway. That was this Spring (2021) and it has had a hugely profound influence on my life and entirely rerouted my business!

For me it isn’t just about reading books on these subjects and having huge aha moments. They come when I journal on what I discover. Writing helps me make sense of things and see the patterns and join the dots.

Future CV

I guess you could call it my Mission Statement or my Future CV above has come from discovering my Conscious Sun and Earth gates and Unconscious Sun and Earth gates in my human design chart. Just four of the plethora of gates in my chart.

Tying that together with my top 5 VIA Strengths:

  1. Love

  2. Appreciation of beauty

  3. Spirituality

  4. Love of learning

  5. Curiosity

as well as my Gene Keys spheres and personal discoveries I’ve made doing the To Be Magnetic - The Pathway has helped me make sense of my life.

I’ve always been into what used to be called “personal development” and journaling and I can remember my dad taking the mick out of me for it and deeply offending me at a delicate age! Thankfully it has all become a lot more "normal" and mainstream now and at my great age I am finally feeling like I am finding my place in the world!

Deeply understanding things has always been my MO, partly out of a voracious interest and love of learning and partly from fear of never knowing enough (Gate 48).

I’ve had many hats and many jobs since I started washing up in a local restaurant aged 14. From the outside my life has looked like a series of failed attempts, but learning about my human design has enabled me to see things from a different perspective and put my positivity glasses on! In the words of Will Smith Fail early, fail often, fail forward”. I was actually living my design and trying out a tonne of things and seeing what worked. Trouble is I didn’t realise that I was supposed to be figuring out what wasn’t working, learning the lesson and moving on! Staying stuck in the wrong place feeling like a total failure is very familiar to me!

This year the more I learnt about my human design and how my energy works, the more I discovered how to bring more ease and flow into my life. The more I resonated with my deeper purpose, the more I understood myself and breathed a massive sigh of relief that there is in fact nothing wrong with me! I just need to embrace my quirks and my differences and unashamedly create my own path in life.

I am designed to play with it, have fun, follow my delight and freedom and share the wisdom of what I discover along the way!

So I am dedicating myself to the adventure of discovering how to connect to my intuition, as that is the fastest way to learn to trust myself and life (my key lesson). I am also dedicated to sharing this adventure with you! Part of my delight, a big part, is nature, another part is photography. We’ve already covered how useful I find journaling. So it makes total sense to combine my delights into a series of journals, sharing the beauty and magic of nature so that you can connect to your inner wisdom as well.

The first journal is KNOW YOURSELF CONNECT TO YOUR MAGIC. It is available to purchase here and you can also get my free guide on how to start your own connection adventure here. The two together are a brilliant first step on your journey.

This is only the that I am committed to this adventure the ideas of ways to help you have come flooding in. I am so excited to start creating them. From now on I am only following what lights me up. As a Generator in Human Design, I understand that is my pathway to meaningful impact and happiness.

If this has piqued your interest in learning more about your Human Design and Gene Keys profile I highly recommend taking the leap. You won’t regret it.

Buy your copy of the KNOW YOURSELF CONNECT TO YOUR MAGIC Journal.



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Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, curator of ideas & experiences that reconnect you to nature & your inner wisdom, so that you can dial your happy up!


I am a seeker of beauty and wisdom, nature lover, HD 3/5 Generator, professional photographer & mama to a 3 year old.


I believe in the beauty & magic of nature in helping us clear our energy & reconnect to our intuition & create our own blueprint to happiness!

The answer to everything you need can be found within.

Let me show you how to find it.

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