Fear is the absence of love

Fear comes from the absence of love.

Love comes from listening to your heart.

So wherever you feel fear, feel what message your heart wants you to know.

"Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities.”

Tim Fargo

I'm talking from my heart here. I have always struggled with confidence, or lack of it to be more precise. It is only now that I am realising this is only a big issue where I am not listening to my heart.

I have another business as a professional photographer, I capture the energy of beautiful and inspirational brands to help them shine their light brightly to attract their people. I am entirely self taught and this has been a huge learning curve, especially being dyslexic.

Obviously a lack of confidence at the start of this journey was to be expected as I learnt my craft, and as my husband says a little worry is a good thing, as it helps you see where to improve! Very true. But once my skills reached a certain level I found I still had a familiar story running, that of not being good enough. But only for certain jobs. In hindsight (oh what a beautiful thing!), I can now see that these jobs did not light me up. They were not going to bring out my magic. They were going to drain my energy instead.

It wasn't a case of not being good enough, it was a case of not being the right person for the job.

My heart had been showing me the way all along. If only I had learnt to listen sooner.

The jobs that did light me up, I felt completely at ease with and didn't doubt myself at all. I knew I could capture magic with my lens. I knew I could see the beauty when the beauty was lighting up my heart. How could I not?

I've just discovered the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and am learning about my human design as well. I am a Generator, which means I work best when things excite me. How do I know they excite me and light me up?

By listening to my heart! By tuning in to how I feel.

I've not always been so in tune and it is something I am still very much refining. Heart opening essential oils have played a big part in my awakening in more ways than one.

They are an incredible way to connect to your inner wisdom.

Pure botanical magic.

Check out my post on heart opening essential oils to discover some of the oils that can open your heart chakra.

So all along the fear I was feeling was not because I was rubbish at my job, it was the absence of love. I wasn't standing in my power and doing what lights me up.

When I am lit up you can guarantee those images I take are going to be shining doubly as bright!

What are your fears actually trying to tell you? Where would a return to love soothe those fears and get you back into alignment?

Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, seeker of beauty and wisdom, nature lover, Generator, dōTERRA wellness advocate and mama to a three year old. 


I believe in the beauty and magic of botanicals in helping us connect to our own wisdom & create our own blueprint to happiness!

The answer to everything you need can be found in nature.

Let me show you how to find it.

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