Essential oils to help open the heart chakra

I talked about fear being the absence of love in my last post, and how your heart has the wisdom to keep you in alignment with your truth.

But it's not always easy to hear your heart and it's inner wisdom, especially when you are stuck in a fearful, negative loop.

There are lots of essential oils that can help you connect in to your inner knowing and help open your heart chakra.

The heart chakra is commonly associated with the colours pink and green. So there is a clue as to which oils can help!

I'm going to share the magic of three heart opening essential oils today.

Geranium, Pink Pepper and Magnolia.


The highly fragrant oil of love and trust is known as the emotional healer. It is a very balancing oil both in terms of hormones and emotions, as well as balancing the heart's ability to receive and give love.

When the heart chakra is imbalanced you can tend to give your love constantly, without allowing yourself to receive it back. Geranium will help equalise relationships by helping you to be nourished by love too.

Geranium also helps you to turn that love inward. It encourages self-acceptance and respect. It can help you stand in your power and feel worthy just as you are.

As within, so without. As you give, so you receive.

A really gentle oil, it pours calmness over rage, anger, grief and frustration. All these things constrict the flow of life force to the heart.

When your heart is open and your life force is flowing freely, you have more to give! Geranium can help you know how to share the kindness that overflows when your heart chakra is balanced.

As you know I am all for spreading the happiness!


Right now in the UK the Magnolias are in full bloom and I've been to my local arboretum twice this week to photograph them and just be in their presence.

Magnolia is known as the oil of compassion. It's reassuring energy, that of a grandmother sharing her wisdom, is one of deep, unwavering love.

It is a beautiful oil to open your heart centre with and can help you find compassion and patience for yourself, as well as others.

It contains linalool, which is a very calming compound, so is very useful in times of overwhelm.

If you're having a moment (however long that may be lasting!) of feeling unworthy and have a case of the "I'm not good enoughs" work with Magnolia oil to help you remember your gifts.

Each one of us have gifts that no other person in (any other) time will have. How bloody amazing is that? They are called gifts because they are "gifted" to us. It is our purpose to gratefully receive and share them with others to pass the happiness on!

There is a glade of magnolia trees at the arboretum, planted in such a way that you happen upon them all at once, when you come through the trees that surround them. So the impact is one of sheer delight and surprise!

I stayed with them for over an hour, capturing their beauty and just sitting in their presence, sipping my cacao in the sunshine. Asking them to share their wisdom with me.

What came through was that each tree was very different, some with huge blowsy open flowers, some with small star shaped blooms, each a different colour. They were very content in their individual beauty, as a grandmother would be, long after the days of comparison that haunted her younger days, are past.

They were showing me that we are all blessed with our own magic and it is not for us to waste our precious energy comparing it to anyone else's, as it would never look as good on them. It is ours and ours alone and ours to cherish and share for the benefit of everyone.

Would that magnolia glade be as beautiful with just one magnolia tree in it? It would still be lovely, but it wouldn't have the same reaction of enchantment that all the trees together have.

We are all blessed with our own unique magic and the brighter we shine, in harmony with others the more beautiful the impact!

That is always nature's desire for us to know -

Follow your heart, it will lead you to your gifts. Then shine them brightly to illuminate the world!

A really beautiful plant essence to work with to bring peace and to calm the fears of not being good enough.


The oil of equality. You can see a theme here right?

We are all one, with nature and each other. There is no benefit in comparing ourselves to others and using it as a stick to beat ourselves with. We work so much better in synergy, working together for the benefit of everyone. That is the deep truth these heart opening oils have to share with us.

Pink Pepper helps you get out of your head, especially when you are searching and searching for clarity on something. Work with this delicately spicy oil to drop you back into your heart centre and follow your inner wisdom.

It helps you open your heart completely so that you can welcome all the possibilities available to you. If you are not sure what your heart desires work with Pink Pepper to help bring sharp clarity.

You don't get what you don't ask for!

So clear what is constricting your heart using these oils and start to hear your own inner wisdom more clearly and watch the serendipitous moments flow beautifully to you!

You can either inhale from the bottle or pop a drop in the palm of your hands rub together and take a few deep breaths with your hands cupped over you face.

Or you can apply directly to the heart centre - the centre of the breastbone. You can even draw a heart with the oils on your skin! Have fun with it, remember your heart wants you to experience more joy!

If you would like to order any of these heart opening essential oils just head over to my shop.

Katie Spicer

Hi! I'm Katie, curator of ideas & experiences that reconnect you to your inner wisdom, so that you can dial your happy up!


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