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5 min Energy Grounding Meditation

A quick but super effective daily meditation to cleanse, ground and protect your energy & boost your coping skills

An essential tool for HSPs is grounding. This 5 min meditation is what I do every single day to cleanse & restore my energy. Just click the image to start the meditation (better on a phone).

It’s so simple but I can’t tell you the huge effect it has on my day to day life & coping skills. If you don’t already do some kind of daily grounding practice then give it a try.

I’ll do it in the kitchen whilst waiting for the porridge to cook. I’ll do it on my daily walk. I definitely do it in between clients to clear their energy & be clear & grounded ready to help the next person.

You can adapt it however you like. If you find standing still an issue then you can visualise the same thing happening as you walk. The intention is the key part. Make it work for you.

Watch & see how much easier it is to deal with your child having a meltdown or stress at work.

Calming your nervous system down & clearing & fortifying your energy will give you a way longer run at dealing with things before you feel like you’re going to snap.

The more you do it the more benefits you’ll see in your every day!

This was my grounding spot this morning, in the very frosty Chiltern Hills. Beautiful view, the sun on my face & a green woodpecker flitting about…

Woodpeckers are associated with the root chakra & getting back to your roots. If you listen to the meditation you’ll know how magical its visit was! ✨


Katie Spicer

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Hi! I'm Katie, a neurodivergent HSP, EFT Practitioner, Quantum Human Design Specialist & mum to a 5 year old HSP.


I illuminate ways for you to get to know yourself, clear the overwhelm, release the negative self-judgement & feel calm & confident so that you can follow your delight and do what you came here for!

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