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Discover your Human Design and bring more 
ease, flow and delight into your life!

For those of you new to Human Design and wondering what it is all about and for those of you who deeply desire to know yourself and connect to your magic then this is essential reading! Discover how your energy works and is designed to interact with the world.

Knowing yourself on an energetic level is being able to take your path of least resistance in life, everything - relationships, money, health.

Buy your Know Yourself Connect to Your Magic Guide to discover your unique energetic blueprint. It is totally tailored to your birth details. No one size fits all here! Re-learn how to be yourself, accept yourself and nurture yourself.

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​The Decision Making One
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A 26+-page downloadable Guide to your very own way to make aligned decisions
Your Human Design Type, Strategy & Authority
Includes journaling prompts to help you start the deconditioning process and start uncovering the real you, not the one trying to fit in ​​



  • the way you are designed to make aligned decisions 

  • no more

    • second-guessing yourself endlessly

    • overthinking

    • changing your mind back and forth

    • decision fatigue

    • decision regret


  • your specific way of taking aligned action, the kind of action that gets you the results you want without burnout​ - worth it for this alone!


  • discover how to tell whether you are in alignment and on the right track



  • discover how to tell whether you are out of alignment and on the wrong track


Another part of the Know Yourself Connect to Your Magic range, is your very own Human Design Journal, because I know how much we love diving deep and how we need everything in one place to make life easier!


When you choose your Guide you will also see the option to add the beautiful matching hardback journal to your order if you live in the UK.

*If you live outside of the UK & would like to buy one please just send me an email and I will let you know how much the postage will be.

This gorgeous journal has fields for you to fill in with all your Human Design information that matches the Guides and extra space for you to fill in all the journaling questions to dive deeper.

I have created this Guide specifically for HSPs/NDPs. So you can discover how to:

  • trust yourself more

  • lead a less stressful life

  • manage your energy

and follow your path of least resistance to achieving what you dream of!

When we really get to know ourselves, we start to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be us, the good, the bad and the magical!

This knowing in itself brings about self-acceptance. We finally realise there is nothing wrong with us. We don't need fixing.

We actually just need to know how to look after ourselves in an energy-friendly way. How to nurture ourselves so that we aren't so easily overwhelmed and stressed out, so that we free up all that negative energy and alchemise it into creative energy.

It is from this place of grounded self-acceptance and nurture that we can truly connect to our magic.
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