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Emotional Alchemy Sessions
Transmuting negative and stuck emotions into free flowing creative energy

Stop focusing on what’s "wrong" with you, instead start nourishing what is right with you!

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Emotional Alchemy is my most transformational offering, combining the magic of Human Design, EFT tapping, journaling, flower essences, Aromapoint Therapies and my HSP intuitive abilities to release the struggle and create more

As HSPs and neurodivergent people, we’ve been given transformational parts to play in nature’s ecosystem for the good of all, but our energy is being diverted by struggles with daily life, stopping us from playing our parts. Distracting us and scattering our energy and attention away from what matters.

You know you are here for a reason.



My raison d'etre as a neurodivergent HSP is emotional alchemy.


As a High Sensory Guide, I illuminate ways to alchemise overwhelm, negative self-judgement and struggle to ease, flow and delight for those of us who desire to change the(ir) world.


Rewrite the stories you’re telling yourself about what’s wrong with you.


Through your Emotional Alchemy sessions, you can...

  • Calm the overwhelm

  • Clear the self-judgement

  • Clear the traumas that are still affecting your life

  • Make peace with your past

  • Accept yourself as you are right now

  • See the blessings in your burdens

  • Create confidence in your gifts and abilities

  • Have more presence with your family and friends

  • Enjoy better relationships (less irritability, more confidence)

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Reduce the stress hormones

  • Strengthen your ability to cope with daily life - so when that bag breaks at the end of a stressful day you don't feel like the world is about to end!

You will have a profound life-long foundation in knowing yourself and connecting to your magic and the energy to go out there and do something with it!

Let's figure out your path of least resistance to connecting to your magic.

E A S E,  F L O W  &  D E L I G H T

Know, accept, nurture yourself

My HSP superpower is having an intuitive awareness of a greater possibility & potential within you.

My sensory abilities guide me in knowing what will have the most impact on your transformation & where to focus our energies.


Using the tools that have helped me alchemise my own stuckness alongside my ability to know what’s true for you I will help you:

  • clear the overwhelm right now & learn tools for life

  • feel grounded & calm, and increase your coping abilities 

  • discover how YOUR energy is designed to interact with life and other people - find your path of least resistance.

  • transform your relationship to time, pressure, fear, self-worth, shame & feeling like a square peg in a round hole

  • clear the limiting beliefs & traumas that you have been carrying as a result of trying to fit yourself into that round hole

  • free up your energy to focus on what you do want, not on what you don't


Let’s alchemise feeling overwhelmed, struggling and feeling like there is something wrong with you into the energy of being calm, grounded, resilient, confident and accepting of yourself.

If you would like to chat about the sessions before you invest in yourself you can book a free 15 min call with me here.
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    • Discover how your energy is designed to interact with life and other people. We will look into your Human Design and how that is playing into your struggles and how to transcend that & figure out your path of least resistance to connecting to your magic.


    • Make peace with the past. Using a combination of botanical magic, EFT tapping & journaling you’ll discover & clear the limiting beliefs of why you don't feel good enough and free up creative energy and give yourself the gift of acceptance​


    • Discover ways to nurture yourself with Bach Flower Remedies and essential oils on acupoints and grounding practices to help you cope with daily life & your struggles, without feeling like the world is going to end if the shopping bag breaks at the end of a bad day!

Book your Emotional Alchemy Session


- 4x 1.5 hour Emotional Alchemy Sessions

- A 1.5 hour Human Design Reading - Type, Authority, Strategy, Profile & Centres in relation to the issue you want to work on

A deeply nurturing and supportive offering.


Know, accept and nurture yourself so that you can change y(our) world.




During our time together we will have five 1.5hr calls. One of which will be a Human Design Reading to talk about your Type, Strategy & Authority, Profile and Centres. This is your blueprint for how your unique energy works and how to follow the path of least resistance in life. Part one in my Know, Accept & Nurture Yourself - Connect To Your Magic mantra. Book your first call on payment and then I will send you a link to book the other calls.




We will then have four 1.5 hour Emotional Alchemy Sessions. These will focus on deconditioning the four chosen areas of your HD chart. After your HD Reading you can choose any combination from:


* Your Type (one session)

* Any of the 9 Centres (one session each)

* The two lines of your Profile (one session per line)


Wherever you are most out of alignment and experiencing the most struggle we will focus our energies there. We will use a combination of tapping, and journaling (in between sessions) to rewire any limiting beliefs which will include getting to the root of why you are feeling the way you are about yourself. We will then tap and uproot these beliefs so that you can have a totally different perspective and finally be free from these limiting beliefs. You will learn how to tap, so that you have a skill for life and can tap whenever you need to. You will also receive journaling prompts and a Dreamseed Question to tap on in between our calls. The transformation will keep unfolding in between sessions as everything percolates through. This is the Accept part of your transformation. I will send you a separate link to book these calls in after your first call.




The Nurture part comes in the form of discovering how to help yourself in between sessions and for life with the magic of botanicals. I will teach you how placing essential oils on specific acupoints can support you with this work and also have a profound effect in its own right. I will also show you how to make your own Bach Flower Remedy Treatment Bottle and we'll discuss which flower essences would be most helpful to you at this time. I will share with you grounding techniques and energy postures to help you and what your energy needs at this moment to help you.





*Prices guaranteed at time of booking and payment but subject to change at any time.

If you would like to have a chat about your sessions before you book you can book a free 15 min call with me here.



I will send you some gifts before our first session! A beautiful magic of botanicals journal to record all your Human Design information in one place, pre-diluted essential oil samples & a flower essence to help you connect and trust your inner wisdom. 

When booking please leave time for the package to arrive before our first session - at least 7 working days in the UK, longer if you are abroad.

When you click the book now button below for your chosen package it will take you to a calendar to book your FIRST appointment and will also take payment. 

After your first session, I will email you a link where you can book the remainder of your sessions as you go.

Payment Plans

You can also choose to split your payments across a few months at no extra cost. Just select Pricing Plan when you check out.


"My EFT tapping sessions with Katie were amazing - she has a lovely calm manner, is very easy to talk to and is a great listener. She really helped me to get clear and dig a bit deeper into where I was feeling stuck which was helpful in itself. I felt some big shifts in energy during the sessions and afterwards, I found much more ease and flow in the area we were working and good things really started happening! The tapping really helped me to get out of my own way - amazing that something so simple can have such an impact. Love it! Thank you, Katie, I definitely want to do more - I can think of a few areas of my life that need some attention!"


"I was nervous about the tapping sessions I had booked with Katie as I didn't really know what to expect, but she quickly put me at ease and made me realise there was nothing to worry about. Since the sessions, I've found I'm much more laid back in life and have an inner confidence I didn't even know was there!"


"I’ve had a few tapping sessions with Katie and although it seemed a bit difficult trying to focus on what to heal, Katie was patient enough to chat through what I wanted to clear (which was a lot!) in order to focus on individual elements during each session, or over two sessions.


I went through a range of emotions during the sessions but with each one, it always ended up positive. The reason I can say that is because you feel that you have cut the tie to that embedded emotional feeling and through tapping you just let go. The emotional ties slowly disappear and you can forgive others, but most importantly yourself. I had no more tears and horrible feelings after the sessions. I felt less resentment when I ever thought of those situations again and that’s huge progress! Especially if you’ve held onto those thoughts/feelings for years!


If you’ve never done anything like this before then all I can say is try it. You never know what it will bring up in order to heal/remove old beliefs/restore newfound confidence."


"We did a tapping session to tackle my fears of going to a particular event where I didn't know anyone and I was feeling very anxious about it. Katie was amazing at helping me to deal with my fears by showing me different tapping techniques to use whenever I felt anxious about it. I even used the tapping techniques in the car on the way to the event when I was feeling anxious and it helped me so much! Katie is so easy to talk to and really put me at ease during the sessions. She is so passionate about what she does too. Book a session with her you won't regret it!"

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