Emotional Freedom Technique

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

Gary Craig

Teenage girl practicing EFT or emotional freedom technique - tapping on the karate chop po

What Is Tapping?

Tapping, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique was created by Gary Craig in the 1990s. By tapping on specific acupressure points on the body whilst tuning in to negative emotions or beliefs, you can transform (alchemise) them by reducing the emotional intensity, often to zero. This is when you can change your perspective and see the original issue in a completely different light. Hence the term emotional freedom.

Tapping is a very powerful energy healing practice. It is one of the quickest ways to transform your thoughts and heal.​

"With free flow there is no pain.
without free flow there is pain"

Chinese Proverb

Tapping combines modern psychology with the ancient science of acupuncture. Energy flows through our body in meridian pathways. At the end of these pathways are acupressure points, also known as acupoints.


The Chinese proverb above describes what happens when these energy pathways get blocked or disrupted in some way. This can be caused by trauma (big or small) and the resulting negative beliefs and emotions.

The body then has an imbalance in energy which causes disharmony and can lead to dis-ease.

When we tap on these acupoints we can unblock these pathways and restore harmony and free flowing energy.


Tapping also:

  • reduces our stress hormones

  • releases feel good hormones

  • calms our nervous systems

  • clears self-sabotage

  • improves our worthiness

  • increases our confidence

  • reduces our overwhelm

  • triggers our brain's own pain relief system

  • regulates the fear response in our brains


By calming our nervous system and reducing our stress levels, tapping actually frees up a lot of your body's resources that were previously diverted because of the stress. For example during a stressful experience the rational thinking part of your brain goes offline, which is why we can't think straight.

Tapping also reduces the emotional intensity of negative memories, thoughts and beliefs. When you tap and tune into that issue with awareness of where in the body it is stored, you are actually telling your brain that you are safe. So whilst your mind is sending the message to your body of distress, the tapping is telling the part of your brain responsible for the fight-or-flight response that you are safe.

This conflicting messaging actually decouples the memory/belief from the body's physiological fight-or-flight response. Stress is regulated and your body becomes calm. When you are calm and your body knows it is safe, your thinking brain can turn back on. 

Decoupling these memories is also the way we reduce their impact and literally get out of our own way! During a tapping session seemingly random things can pop into your head. Nothing is ever random though. We follow the energy of that thought and it usually leads to the memory that lead you to have the belief that is holding you back.

We then tap through this, reducing the intensity and this is when the magic happens and you change your perspective and open up to your own inner wisdom and the exact insights you need at this time.

It is empowering. It is not me telling you what to do.


It is you connecting in to your innate knowing and receiving the message you need, so you can move forward with more ease and flow.

Some of the things we can cover in your tapping session are:

  • overwhelm

  • triggers

  • confidence issues 

  • confusion

  • focus

  • feeling unheard

  • feeling not enough

  • self trust

  • self worth

  • self-expression & speaking your truth

  • powerlessness

  • fear - of the unknown/of failure/of success

  • people-pleasing

  • feeling shut down

  • shame

  • pressure

  • a feeling of lack of time

If you are experiencing any one of these things it is diverting your energy flow and taking you out of alignment. The more of these you are experiencing the worse you will feel and the less energy you will have for what matters, and more importantly for helping yourself feel better.

"Our emotions and behaviour shape our brains as they stimulate the formation of neural pathways that either reinforce old patterns or initiate new ones."

Dawson Church - The Genie in your Genes

The good news is we can actually create new neural pathways in our brain by tapping and change our beliefs entirely, all whilst reducing our stress levels saturating our cells in soothing energy.

What is possible in your life if you could alchemise even one of these areas?

If you would like to book a tapping session to start creating more ease, flow and delight in your life you can book your session below.

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