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Dial your happy up!

So you’re ready to invite the magic of botanicals to transform your life! Eek exciting! Let’s get your first oils order on it’s way to you. 

1. Choose your oils

- either book a One to One if you would like me to help you choose the best oils for your needs

- or check out my Dial your happy up guide with a list of oils to support your sleep, emotions, energy, mind and more

- or take a look at the Product Guide and Price List for a list of all the products




2. Decide how you want to purchase

  • You can either pay full retail price, if so, click the button below above then click SHOP. This is the quickest but most expensive method. You don't get access to any of the exclusive membership bonuses or fab resources about using your oils.


  • Or you can pay wholesale price and get 25% off all your purchases by becoming a dōTERRA member for a £24 annual fee. I totally recommend becoming a member. This is the most cost effective and supportive way to get started with oils. Not only can I help you get started with the oils to clear what is depleting your energy, you will also become a part of the beautiful magic of botanicals tribe and I will be able to help you personally dial your happy up! AND your money helps to support the incredible humanitarian work that dōTERRA Healing Hands foundation do globally, so you can feel doubly good about spending your money! 

Keep scrolling for instructions on how to place your order...

Let me make it easy

What does becoming a member mean?

It means you get the best and most cost effective way to buy oils. You get to buy your oils at wholesale prices not retail -  a whopping 25% off. Membership is £24 + VAT (UK)*.


You'll then be eligible for:


Product Discounts

25% off retail prices


Loyalty Reward Points

Option to receive 10–30% of orders back in points redeemable for free product. This % is WAY better than anything I have ever heard of rewards wise. The more you buy the more you save! It is a great way to try the more expensive oils or stock up on everyday favourites. I add to my collection every month using my points.


Free Product

Place a monthly order over 125 PV as part of the Loyalty Rewards Program and receive the free Product of the Month. Another fab way to grow your oil collection.

There is absolutely no lock in. If you choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) you just need to spend a minimum of £1 each month in order to keep your points. If you don't spend £1+ one month you will lose your saved up points. That's it. You can come off LRP off at any time, no probs and there is absolutely no pressure to join it. In fact there is no pressure at any point to do anything. That is not how I work. I am here to help you reduce the things sucking your energy, not add to them!

Please know there is always a choice and if you don't want to become a member at this time you can still buy the oils full price. You just won't receive any of the above advantages.

A Bespoke Wellness Consult

We can go through what is depleting your energy and diverting your brain power away from feeling good and I can suggest oils to help.  I will also help you make a plan for your future wellbeing and show you around the website.

Shared Wisdom

You not only get access to me to help you, but you also get access to tonnes of shared resources and wisdom on all kinds of ways of using your oils. So you can make sure you are getting all the benefits out of each bottle of plant magic. There are regular workshops and masterclasses and I have created a whole exclusive membership area on my website just for you.

*  Membership is £24 for the first year, then £15 a year after that & you get a free bottle of peppermint oil (worth £22.33) every year!

 place your order

Place Your Order
Once you have chosen your oils follow the instructions below. 


  • Visit this page

  • Choose your language and region

  • Click Wholesale Customer then Continue - Please DO NOT enrol as a Wellness Advocate unless we have chatted about it first - this is important. If you ever want to upgrade, you can. This ensures I can support you as best as possible. 

  • Fill in your details

  • Make sure the Enroller ID number is: 5486010. You need this number to be sure to receive all the magic of botanicals goodies from me!

  • Then click Verify

  • Decide on a password

  • Go to the next page

  • Select the oils you'd like to order. Either type the name of the oil in the Search box or have a look under Essential oils Singles or Blends for the full selections. Be sure to select the £24 Introductory Packet, this is the membership fee. You won't be able to complete your order without this being in your basket.  

  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.












I will then be in touch to say hi and help you get started with your essential oils lifestyle! As soon as that box of botanical goodness arrives on your doorstep you want to be making the most of them straight away. We will start by going through a 30 minute Bespoke Wellness Consultation together so that I can help you get the maximum benefit from these little bottles of pure plant power. This is the exciting part! I can't wait to get to know you and help you and your family come back to balance.


Side note - I have literally just opened my order for this month, I always feel like a kid at Christmas getting my dōTERRA order in the post. It is a special moment opening the bottle of new oils you have never smelt before. Like a kind of ritual, introducing yourselves to each other. I always say hi and welcome them into my home! I have just opened Whisper for the first time and can see why everyone raves about it, I am in LOVE wow!!! Some essential oils can smell kind of synthetic and nasty because they are adulterated but dōTERRA oils are pure plant material & nothing else, so they have such a high frequency, they raise your vibration instantly. They really are incredible.

So just to recap, when you become a member of dōTERRA + the magic of botanicals you will get:

  • The magic of botanicals bottled up and ready to dial your happy up!

  • A 30 minute Bespoke Wellness Consultation to help you know how to use the oils you've chosen and more

  • Access to our very own exclusive area where you will find tonnes of resources to help you get started living an essential oils lifestyle.

  • Me! Ask me anything 

  • A 150 uses for the Home Essential Kit PDF

  • dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet - includes a Product Guide, Welcome Letter, Cap Stickers, Live Brochure, Share Brochure and Build Brochure

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