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Tapping for emotional freedom from low self-trust, belief and the stresses of everyday life

Teenage girl practicing EFT or emotional freedom technique - tapping on the karate chop po

Tapping is a very powerful energy healing practice

As neurodivergent and sensitive women we are here to make a meaningful difference, whether that is by starting our own businesses helping others, choosing to parent for the new paradigm, writing a book, or all of the above!

When we transform stuck, stagnant and negative energy (what is distracting us from our greatness!) into the free-flowing creative energy of acceptance, naturalness and delight everything changes. New ideas spring up, and ways to action them too when you free up your energy flows through tapping.

Tapping can be helpful for so many challenges we face, such as overcoming limiting beliefs, building self-trust, and managing everyday stresses.


It can also support healing from the effects of being neurodivergent or sensitive throughout your life, including any past traumas.

By tapping on specific acupressure points on the body whilst tuning in to negative emotions or beliefs, you can transform (alchemise) them by reducing the emotional intensity, often to zero.


You can change your perspective and see the original issue in a completely different light and finally be free of that thought and physiological response in your body. Hence tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Tapping combines modern psychology with the ancient science of acupuncture in a gentle and highly effective way.

What is tapping?

When we tap on these acupoints we can unblock these pathways and restore harmony and free flowing energy.​

Tapping also:
  • reduces our stress hormones
  • releases feel-good hormones
  • calms our nervous systems
  • clears self-sabotage
  • improves our worthiness
  • increases our confidence
  • reduces feelings of overwhelm
  • triggers our brain's own pain relief system
  • regulates the fear response in our brains
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  • Emotional Alchemy for Easy Decision Making

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Stress & Overload


When we are stressed out, overwhelmed, overloaded, and battling feelings of low self-worth and shame we are not living in alignment. We are not only not living the lives we want to be living but we aren't doing our bodies any favours either.

It is a vicious cycle of sensory overload, getting stressed out, perhaps having sleep, focus and/or digestion issues as a result, and then beating ourselves up with the shame stick and starting back at the beginning. 

It is exhausting. I know, I have been there. Many, many times.

Tapping is one of the quickest ways to transform your thoughts and heal.​

Energy flows through our body in meridian pathways. At the end of these pathways are acupressure points, also known as acupoints.


When these energy pathways get blocked or disrupted in some way the body experiences pain (emotional and/or physical). This can be caused by trauma (big or small) and the resulting negative beliefs and emotions.

So when we get ourselves into these spirals of doom and overwhelm we have an imbalance in our energy which causes disharmony and could eventually lead to dis-ease. 

The good news!


We can clear these energy blockages and disruptions by tapping on these points whilst being tuned into the issue. We can actually then create new neural pathways in our brain by tapping and changing our beliefs entirely, all whilst reducing our stress levels and saturating our cells in soothing energy.

It's an easy technique that you can use on your own anytime you feel stressed and overwhelmed. It's a skill for life!

"With free flow there is no pain.
without free flow there is pain"

Chinese Proverb

Close up of delicate purple wisteria flowers

By calming our nervous system and reducing our stress levels, tapping actually frees up a lot of your body's resources that were previously diverted because of the stress.


For example during a stressful experience the rational thinking part of your brain goes offline, which is why we can't think straight. If we are chronically stressed it can really affect our thinking abilities.

When you tap and tune into that issue with awareness of where in the body it is stored, you are actually telling your brain that you are safe. So whilst your mind is sending the message to your body of distress, the tapping is telling the part of your brain responsible for the fight-or-flight response that you are safe.

This conflicting messaging actually decouples the memory/belief from the body's physiological fight-or-flight response. Stress is regulated and your body becomes calm. When you are calm and your body knows it is safe, your thinking brain can turn back on. 

Tapping also reduces the emotional intensity
of negative memories, thoughts and beliefs.

Decoupling these memories is also the way we reduce their impact and literally get out of our own way! During a tapping session seemingly random things can pop into your head. Nothing is ever random though. We follow the energy of that thought and it usually leads to the memory that lead you to have the belief that is holding you back.

We then tap through this, reducing the intensity and this is when the magic happens and you change your perspective and open up to your own inner wisdom and the exact insights you need at this time.

It is empowering. It is not me telling you what to do.


It is you connecting in to your innate knowing and receiving the message you need, so you can move forward with more ease and flow.

A list of energy drainers that can divert your energy flow and take you out of alignment

The more of these you are experiencing the worse you will feel and the less energy you will have for what matters, and more importantly for helping yourself feel better.

"EFT is very effective for reducing anxiety, stress, and other emotional issues. It can significantly increase positive emotions and self-esteem and resilience too, and decrease their negative emotional states."
Peta Stapleton PhD - The Science behind Tapping


"My EFT tapping sessions with Katie were amazing - she has a lovely calm manner, is very easy to talk to and is a great listener. She really helped me to get clear and dig a bit deeper into where I was feeling stuck which was helpful in itself. I felt some big shifts in energy during the sessions and afterwards, I found much more ease and flow in the area we were working and good things really started happening! The tapping really helped me to get out of my own way - amazing that something so simple can have such an impact. Love it! Thank you, Katie, I definitely want to do more - I can think of a few areas of my life that need some attention!"


"I was nervous about the tapping sessions I had booked with Katie as I didn't really know what to expect, but she quickly put me at ease and made me realise there was nothing to worry about. Since the sessions, I've found I'm much more laid back in life and have an inner confidence I didn't even know was there!"


"I’ve had a few tapping sessions with Katie and although it seemed a bit difficult trying to focus on what to heal, Katie was patient enough to chat through what I wanted to clear (which was a lot!) in order to focus on individual elements during each session, or over two sessions.


I went through a range of emotions during the sessions but with each one, it always ended up positive. The reason I can say that is because you feel that you have cut the tie to that embedded emotional feeling and through tapping you just let go. The emotional ties slowly disappear and you can forgive others, but most importantly yourself. I had no more tears and horrible feelings after the sessions. I felt less resentment when I ever thought of those situations again and that’s huge progress! Especially if you’ve held onto those thoughts/feelings for years!


If you’ve never done anything like this before then all I can say is try it. You never know what it will bring up in order to heal/remove old beliefs/restore newfound confidence."


"We did a tapping session to tackle my fears of going to a particular event where I didn't know anyone and I was feeling very anxious about it. Katie was amazing at helping me to deal with my fears by showing me different tapping techniques to use whenever I felt anxious about it. I even used the tapping techniques in the car on the way to the event when I was feeling anxious and it helped me so much! Katie is so easy to talk to and really put me at ease during the sessions. She is so passionate about what she does too. Book a session with her you won't regret it!"

Book your Sessions


  • Where are you based?

    • I live in Watlington, Oxfordshire, UK so my timezone for Zoom is GMT/BST​. If you would really like to book a session but your timezone and my session times aren't matching up please get in touch.

  • Are sessions online or in person?

    • Sessions can be on Zoom or in person in Watlington for an additional room hire fee.​

    • ​Please email me directly to enquire about costs for in-person sessions and arrange a suitable time.

  • What can I expect in the session?

    • When you book I will send you a What to Expect guide, which has a copy of the tapping points on. You don't need to learn them as you will copy me in the session. For the first 10-15 mins of the session, we will chat about what you would like help with and then I will start tapping on the points on my body whilst saying out loud words for you to repeat. So you just copy what I do and what I say. There will be frequent pauses for you to tune into what is coming up for you and that dictates the direction of the rest of the session. ​

    • Before the end of the session, I'll make sure you are at a suitable place to stop and that you feel ok. If you have booked another session we will chat about next steps.

  • There are things I need to clear but don't want to talk about them out loud, can you help?​

    • Yes. We go at your pace and everything is done as gently as possible. If there is something you would love to clear but don't want to talk about out loud we can use a specific technique that means you can clear it without having to tell me anything.

    • Anything really traumatic we again approach very slowly and gently. We tap on your emotions around even wanting to look at it. So we may not even get to looking at the actual memory in the first session, instead, we will reduce the intensity of the feelings you have about dealing with it first. There is absolutely no rush and we take everything at your pace.

  • I'm really nervous but I really can't go on feeling this way

    • Most of my clients are really nervous before their first session, that's normal. The beauty of tapping is that it is a stress reliever so the minute we start you are calming the stress response and your nerves down naturally, no matter what we are tapping on.​

    • It is my priority to help you feel as calm and looked after as possible. We won't go anywhere you are not ready to go and I will make sure of that.

  • How many sessions will I need?​

    • I won't know that without chatting to you about your issue(s) and even then it is hard to know. Some people clear some things in one session. Some things we may need to approach slowly, we will go at your pace. ​

    • You can book either single sessions or a block of 4 sessions together for a reduced fee. This way you can book them as and when you feel you need them.

    • The block of 4 sessions can be used at any time within 4 months of booking

  • I don't know if I am an HSP/sensitive/empath/neurodivergent can I still book tapping sessions with you?"

    • Yes! Everybody is welcome!

    • Whether you identify as an HSP, empath, sensitive and/or you're neurodivergent, or if you're not sure if you are any of those but you know you are struggling in life then you are in the right place. You are more than welcome here. If you struggle with any of the things you have seen on my site and would like to chat about tapping on the issue(s) you can always book a free 15 min call with me first to say hi!

  • Do you work with children?

    • At this time I only work with those over 18.

  • Can I speak to you before I book to see if we get on and ask questions?

    • Yes, of course. In fact, I encourage it! I would love to chat with you about EFT can help you. Just click the button below to book a free 15-minute chat.​

Everybody Welcome
Free Chat
  • Emotional Alchemy for Easy Decision Making

    1 hr 30 min

    222 British pounds
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